Pop vs. Water

As some would say,
Water is good for you,
Pop is bad for you,
Yet at the end of the day who do you pick?

Did I say who? I mean’t what… or did I?

Water is good for you, you know it is.  Water hydrates your body. It takes care of your health and well-being. It is nothing yet everything at the same time. Survival depends on it.

Pop is bad for you, yet it tastes so good. I prefer this taste, as do many. It destroys our body and makes us weaker. It is not good for us, but we still drink it. There are so many ingredients and none are good.

I want to choose pop, but water is better for me.

Pop ruined me. It mentally destroyed me. Always a chase to get it. I knew I shouldn’t drink it, but I did (at one time). The taste is so good, but the after taste is bitter. Even now I can taste it.

I have switched to water, but I think about pop every day. It is a struggle. Pop is here, with me, watching me, taunting me. I cannot escape him. Making small whispers and crude remarks.

(Him? I mean’t it…)

Water has given me new life. He gives me a purpose and nourishes my body. Gives me what I need — hydration. Whispers nice words in my ear. It has a sensual desire I cannot live without.

(He? again? .. how does that keep getting in there…)

I do not think you understand the desire for pop. It is intense. A fire in my soul for it. A scratch you cannot itch. A poison that can kill you. Can I get the antidote to it? Water is the antidote. I will not go back to pop. But the thought will remain there forever. It is something that cannot just “go away” with time.

I loved him. I still love him now.

I also love water. Oh so much. He is amazing to me in every way possible. The PERFECT person…seriously. No really…I’m not joking. More than I deserve. Cheating with these thoughts of pop. If he ever knew my thoughts, he would leave so quick.

After all that… I still want to choose pop.

-I’m a Fool


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